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My Digital Marketing Mentorship Experience & My Audience reaction.

Hey there, 

This is Kamal from Chennai, I did my MCA Graduation in 2007, After completing my post-graduation I worked as Placement Officer for 8 Years and Placed more than 2000+ Students in various multinational companies like Renault Nissan, IBM, Photon infotech and 3i-infotech, etc.

All going in a good way till Covid-19. Later I lost my job. I felt very bad and was not able to search for a new job. Training industries faced various challenges during the pandemic period. So I thought about switching my career path. One of my friends suggested that I do a Digital Marketing course. I did the course and worked as a trainee for 1year and gained so much knowledge. Later I got an opportunity as a Digital Marketing mentor.

 Let me share about my mentorship job and my teaching experience and also I wanted to share about my students.

Strengths and weaknesses:

I always believe that Every Individual has their strengths and weaknesses. I am an easygoing person and never argue in the workplace. All my previous employers have appreciated that I am a good performer and Team player.

I always start slowly and my starts are always shaky. I used to commit mistakes during my initial stages, later I rectify my mistakes and get appreciation from my reporting heads.

Mentorship Role:

During my Digital marketing career, the employer terms and conditions are for every employee to provide training sessions to others, from there I gain my teaching experience. Later I got an opportunity to work as a Digital Marketing Mentor.

About my Students :

I always remember all the first things in my life, likewise, my first Batch students are very special to me. All the students have their unique talents. They used to attend the sessions on time and follow my orientation regularly. Some of my students used to interact with me regularly and some of them will not interact with me. Some motivate me and some will bring my best and some make fun.

One fine day I started to blame my students that very few people are attending my classes. During that time I got a message from one of my student that she tested covid-19 positive and she informed me that she will attend the session in a few days, but I asked her to take a rest. After few days she started attending the session regularly during quarantine. I felt very happy about her dedication and commitment. As a team we appreciated her dedication.

I have shared many of my personal experiences to motivate them during every session. I want them to connect with me every minute and want to follow my orientation regularly. I am very happy with my first Batch students. 

Leaving time:

Nothing lasts forever. Before leaving I want to thank and appreciate them, so I am writing this blog and wanted to share the experience and what I have learned from them, and how they motivated me during sessions. 

I wish you all very good luck for the future and may you have a wonderful life with no worries …

Be happy!!!!!


7 thoughts on “My Digital Marketing Mentorship Experience & My Audience reaction.

  1. U are the best sir! Best thing I had learnt from u is be happy 😊 nothing to worry about anything…the best teacher who took sessions only with smile and joy…not in anger..😊 thank you so much sir! For encouraging us everytime 😊the best sir I ever met till…….if I need help..I’ll definitely contact u sir! Thank you for ur very best sessions everytime..
    Thank you!

    1. Thank You Ms. Kanchan. You are one of my best and obedient and regular student…..I am very happy the way you written about me. Best wishes…..

  2. First of all, I want to thank you sir because of giving the comfortable learning by understanding the students situations. sometimes your voices are going down. I really appreciate your efforts to make my sessions very effective and useful.

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