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Bronze Medalist VS Silver Medalist – Difference and their Emotions

As we are all aware that the 2020 Olympic games were postponed due to Covid-19. The ongoing Tokyo Olympic games are going to end in a few days. Let us see what are the challenges that the Japanese government has faced before conducting the Olympics and during the Olympics.

The Olympics games are international games that will connect the world in one place in 4 years. Every country will send its players to participate in the Olympics and they consider it their pride. Every country used to send its best athletes to participate in the Olympics. There are so many games being conducted in every Olympic game, Every athlete will feel proud to represent their countries.

Olympics – Opening Ceremony:

The opening ceremony of the Olympics will happen grandly, athletes from every country will be introduced and one athlete will hold his country’s flag and others will follow. The opening ceremony will be an official start of the Olympics and thereafter the different types of games will be conducted for 15 to 16 days.

The Current Tokyo games have created so many challenges for the Japanese government, some of their people have been opposed the government banning the Olympics due to the pandemic. But the Japanese government has shut down the entire country to conduct the Olympics in their country’s capital.

Medals and its difference:

Every country expects to win the maximum of Gold medals, but some athletes will bring more medals to their countries, most of them struggle to get even one medal to their respective countries.

Individual Athletes have to play the initial rounds and have to win without losing a single game and knock games and then semi-final and finale, whereas team games have groups and they have to play within the group and then they will enter into knock-out games and then they have to play the semi-final and then Final.

Those who lost in the semi-final will get one more chance to play in the Bronze medal match. The semi-finalist will play in the final. The winner will get the Gold Medal and the loser will get Silver Medal.

Bronze medalist is happier than the Silver medalist – Why?:

In every game, if the athlete wins he or she will get medals or awards, In the Olympics, the loser gets a silver medal. Yes during finals if the player lost the game he or she will get the silver medal, but the bronze medal winner will get the bronze medal after winning the game and he feels proud and happy, whereas the silver medalist will not always feel happy.

Human psychology is all about winning and getting awards, if we lose and get a medal, then it is a consolation prize. Most of us will not accept the Consolation in our life.

Therefore I feel the Bronze medal winner will always feel happy and prouder than the silver medalist. 

It is my thought. What about you??

4 thoughts on “Bronze Medalist VS Silver Medalist – Difference and their Emotions

  1. As per blog you said that bronze are happy, but they also lose in semi finals then how would it , will be the different.
    They both had lose in one game , even when compare to bronze, the silver won in semi final.

  2. Win or lose doesn’t matter, likewise winning gold or silver medal doesn’t give happiness. Fighting hard and giving their best upto final is the real happiness 😊

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