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Schema – Types of schema & It’s Benefits

What is schema?

Schema markup is a code, that you place on your website to help the search engines to return more informative results for users.It adds more information about your website displayed below the title tag.It helps search engines understand your content and better their search result to offer additional information to users.

Tools to Generate Schema Mark-up

JSON-LD(Recommended by google)

How to find the schema -Rich snippets

Rich snippets


The first two title tags have rich snippets marked in red, Those rich snippets are called schema mark- up

The 3rd title doesn’t have any rich snippets to represent the details.




How to Generate Schema- Mark up:

With the help of a schema mark-up generator, you can pick from several popular schema markup types, input your details for each section, and the code is generated and ready to test.

How schema mark up code look like




As mentioned earlier, Schema is nothing but a code. let us see how the schema code is.






Types of schema

  • Organization Schema Markup
  • Schema Person Markup
  • Schema Local Business Markup 
  • Schema Product & Offer Markup
  • Breadcrumbs Markup
  • Schema Article Markup
  • Video Schema Markup
  • Event Schema Markup
  • Recipe Schema Markup


Organization Schema Markup

Here you can add your organization details, like company name, company logo, URL, location, and social profiles.

Here you can’t add Business address details, Because here there is no option for adding your business address details. Instead of this, you can add your address details in Google my business with the help of a local business schema.

The below example has all the details, company name and logo and social profile and their customer service and CEO name, and their stock price details.

You can add the below details for organization schema:
  • Name
  • Alternative Name
  • Website URL
  • Logo URL
  • Social Profiles
  • Contacts
  • Type (Customer service, Technical support, Billing support, Bill payment, Sales, Reservations, Credit card support, Emergency, Baggage tracking, Roadside assistance, Package tracking)
  • Phone, Organization Type
  • Areas Served (locations)
  • Language


Schema Person Markup

Schema person markup is all about explaining the person’s details, Here you can add schema for the particular person’s. Here you can find the person’s Job role and social profiles.

Let us see what are all details we can add for person Mark up.


You can find the below details in schema person markup

  • Name
  • URL
  • Picture URL
  • Job
  • Company
  • Social Profiles









Schema Local Business Markup

Another schema called local business schema, As mentioned earlier, Here we can add our business address details as well as if we are looking for some other business details, local business mark up will be helpful.

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