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How to learn Digital Marketing without Your Efforts?

The best way to improve our skills is to learnApply, and Teach.

In week 1, We have learned the basics of digital marketing, tools, skills required, future of digital marketing, and Integrated Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

1. Importance of Marketing in our life:

Marketing is the root and reason behind the survival of businesses, organizations, or even a person.

If a person doesn’t know How to sell himself/herself in an interview, he/she will remain unemployed lifelong.

If a business person doesn’t know How to sell his product or service in the market, he/she will see endless failures in business.

Marketing is not just a job, it is a process of converting work into money which required for the survival and development of the society where you should have a strong grip over Human psychology, good communication skill, market research skills, analytical skill to measure the ROI of a strategy

2. Why is Marketing an evergreen skill?

Software engineers may lose their job if a recession hit the industry or with the development of human replaceable Technology such as AI.

Most of the professions or jobs or skills may have an expiry date due to the advancement of technology or lack of demand in the market.

Marketing skill is different from other professions and it is an evergreen skill because If there is a need or problem in the society, you need a product or service to fulfill the need or to solve the problem where you need a person with marketing skill to communicate how product or service will solve the problem.

3. How Digital marketing is different from Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing is the new way of promoting products or services through a digital medium such as Websites, Apps instead of print media, Tv, and Radio advertising.

4. Reasons behind Why Digital marketing overtaking Traditional Marketing?

  • a. Increase in the percentage of Internet users Worldwide
  • b. Having the option to communicate with customers anytime.
  • c. Options to serve Global customers without moving anywhere
  • d. We can build a strong customer base with content marketing by providing useful information to the customer.
  • e. Having the flexibility to track the performance of the Marketing Campaigns with analytical tools.
  • f. Facility to automate Marketing process.

5. How Digital marketing helps in achieving Financial freedom in life?

“If you don’t know the way to make money while you sleep, you need to work until you die”

I don’t want to work for money until I die, That’s why I need great Financial freedom.

I believe

Digital marketing is one of few fields which helps in achieving huge financial goals through Passive income.

If you want 1 lakh per month, you can get it by doing a 9–5 job. You cannot make 10 Lakhs per month with a job.

Through digital marketing, you can make unlimited money by developing websites, apps, digital products that solve customer problems or needs.

Developing a money system is simple and easy if you know How to use digital media for marketing online. Because it provides an opportunity to

  • Reach Global customer
  • 24X7 business
  • Upsell once you make customer in a particular niche
  • Ability to create Multiple income sources with one product in different format Ebook, blogs, Video, Podcast, Consultation

6. What is Integrated Marketing?

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Previously I think Digital marketing is process of marketing a product individually on Social media platforms, emails, forums, etc.,

But with the explanation of Deepak Sir about Integrated marketing. I understand Digital marketing is an integrated marketing activity that generates sales by using all components of Digital marketing together to convert internet users into customers.

To call me a Digital Marketing Expert. I should know how to use each component of Digital marketing as an individual tool in coordination with other tools as a system.

7.. How CATT funnel works?

Many Digital marketing experts develop and explained various funnel models, but the CATT funnel model is completely different,

The funnel model developed by others have some end, but the CATT funnel model creates an opportunity for unlimited wealth based on

niche and content quality we are providing to the customers.

To make money online doesn’t need any funnel model, but to make unstoppable wealth you should have a CATT funnel.

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Wealth= n ^ CATT

where N= Niche

C = Content

A= Attention

T= Trust

T= Transaction

How much wealth we create completely depends on the niche we select?

The effectiveness of wealth creation in a particular niche will depend on How much quality content we are providing to the user, Are we sending laser targeted traffic to the particular niche and How much customer trust do we gain through the content.

8.What is important while choosing a niche?

Previously I used to select a niche based on the market demand without having any expertise and interest towards the particular niche which leads to giving up at some point before seeing the result.

In the second video lecture, Deepak Sir explained “How a perfect niche should look like”

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A niche will be perfect if

You have Interested in the niche

You are an expert and

the niche have demand in the market

I believe that If you succeed in selecting a perfect niche, you are completed 50% of your wealth creation journey.

How Personal branding is important and things needed to build a personal brand?

People always connect with people, not with brands.

Reasons behind my statement

– We don’t have a physical entity for the brand.


Our mind recalls Bill Gates’ image, not Microsoft logo while we are discussing the Microsoft product or services.

Having Person branding helps us to build multiple products or services without any interlinks between them.

The personal brand, you can recommend useful products to our influencer irrespective of its company, etc.,

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Things which we have to pursue to build a personal brand:

1. Learn:

Learning is important in life if we want success.

Life is defined as continuous learning because whenever we stop learning things, it stops our growth in terms of mental and also financial, personal.

Through learning, we can upgrade skills and improve our understanding of a particular subject.

Ex: Let’s consider I am working as an SEO executive. If I don’t learn about the latest Google ranking factor update How I will work on

optimizing website content which helps in ranking the website which leads to project success and improves in career growth( Promotion) due to my performance in a particular project which increases my purchasing power( Financial growth).

If you are not learning anything in a particular work, you are just wasting your time.


Most of the unemployed graduates in India know “ How work is important to learn concepts, to become an expert in a particular subject?”

Knowledge without work experience doesn’t make you an expert.

Working on the knowledge you gained will help you in understanding things better and makes you an expert in solving problems.

3. Blog:

Writing gives clarity of thought and a better understanding of things.

We can learn more by sharing our knowledge through blogs which helps us in improving writing skills, content organizing skills, and improve communication skills.

4. Consultation:

Before the Week 2nd video lecture, I used to believe I must be an expert to teach or provide guidance to others.

Now I believe “ I didn’t need a Phd to teach 10th class students. +2 is enough to guide 10 th students”. I can helps people who have less thanme to reach upto my knowledge. The main benefit of consulting is I can improve my knowledge when other people ask doubts.

Second Weeks helps me in improving my confidence over my knowledge on WordPress to provide WordPress consultation service.

If anyone facing problems in installing WordPress sites. optimizing it. I will help you in solving your problems just at $50 ( 100% satisfaction ).

6. Mentor: Mentoring people help in scaling up my services. Providing mentorship through webinars to many people will help me to understand in depth problems in a particular niche which helps in developing a Startup plan to solve it.

7. Startup:

The startup is the ultimate output in the circuit of the MassTrust blueprint.

Normally If anyone wants to work on a startup , they need to do research on the market, understanding the customers, creating content for customers and finally delivering great products to the customer. Here with the Masstrust blueprint we can develop each and every component of a successful startup.

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How to use Mass Blueprint to build Unlimited Wealth:

1.Select a particular niche, learn about it while creating content

2. Understand the niche in depth while providing consultation

3.List of the problems in a particular niche while building customer through consultation

4 Raise investment fund by providing Digital mentorship on problems involving niche

5. Develop a Great product that solves in the niche

6. Deliver a Great product through a startup.

 If you would like to know how to create a blog? visit  here

Thank you


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