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Seven Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About What To Learn From Virat Kohli 12000 Runs.


Virat Kohli has crossed 12,000 ODI runs during India vs Australia ODI series. He is one of the best cricket players in the world who always maintains his consistency and score a lot of his runs across the globe.

let us see what are things we have to learn from him.


Enjoy what we do in our life: 

As a team, we have one big thing in common. Do we enjoy what we do? And that drives us to success. 


Intense work ethic

We are intensely committed to our work and show zero compromises with quality. Our disciplined work ethic helps us to deliver better results to our clients. 


Say no to pressure

Yes, we say a strict “no” to pressures, and the workloads don’t bother us.  We take it as a challenge and succeed in it with our dedicated efforts and commitment. 


Leadership skills 

We believe that everyone has the leadership quality, and it gets exposed at the right time and in the right situation, so we place our employees in scenarios to take the initiative and proceed with the tasks. 


Maintain the originality

We value the individuality of every employee and make sure it doesn’t get affected, hence, we believe in their efforts towards the work, and their originality does get reflected. 



We deliver and expect sheer commitments from our peers on a mutual basis and the understanding and synchronization we hold on this gets reflected on a positive note in our teamwork. 


Willingness to learn

The thirst for learning new technologies and techniques and deploy the same never gets lit down in us, and that’s the reason why we are passionate about our work and unified as a strong team that delivers only excellence. 


Virat Kohli’s presence on a cricket ground is like an inspiration not only to budding and existing cricketers but also to each and every person who is willing to make it big.

Incorporating a few of his characters into our routine and personality can surely help us transform our life into something more meaningful, satisfying, and successful.



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