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Learn to accept everything in life

One of our major causes of sorrow and tension in our lives is that we are not able to accept if something unfavorable and unexpected occurs to us in life.

Our thoughts run like this

I had never expected it.

I worked hard still i failed,

I Did so much for that person still he cheated me.

why people do not co operate with me.

The key to happiness is that you change your mental attitude from Resistance to Acceptance.

You should start to affirm in your mind that ” I will accept everything in life no matter what happens good or bad and I realize that anything can happen in life”.

Solution for every problem:

The first step is Acceptance, we have to accept that the problems are there and it could be there.

2 The second step is to make efforts in the direction of overcoming the problem.

But if you not able to take the first step, then how will you take the second step?

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