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Every Expert was once a beginner

Every expert was once a beginner, If all beginners gave up  there would be no expert in the world. Every time we have to hit block, we cannot say simply the word ‘I Quit’. When you know if you failed you can correct the mistakes.

Committing mistakes is common,  But rectifying the Mistakes is very very Important

You have to learn from your previous mistakes. If you want to succeed, never compare yourself  with the success people, They are not lucky, But no one knows how much efforts they have taken to reach to this position.

When we were born, No one knew how to walk, We are all slowly learned by falling many times.

The above image shows, How much efforts has been taken by Lionel Messi( World Best footballer).

 It’s not too late to start or learn any new things,  So don’t feel shy to start as a beginner.

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